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The team at RES Property Surveyors is made up of chartered surveyors certified by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) able to provide comprehensive and high-quality building survey reports in London and the South East for both commercial and residential properties.

Our surveys are market-leading and bespoke, providing each of our customers with a 360-degree vision of the property. Our clients benefit from our unique and detailed approach, developed through our recommendation-only work through solicitors and client referrals.

Who needs a building surveyor?

Building surveyors are used to assess the condition of a residential or commercial property before purchasing.

Using a chartered surveyor can mean that buyers have a better awareness of any future costs they may need to pay out to resolve issues or even whether to go ahead with the sale in the first place and can save a great deal of money if done proactively.

What does a chartered building surveyor do?

When buying a property, a comprehensive building survey is not strictly required for the lender. However, commissioning chartered building surveyors to carry out a survey can save a great deal of money in the future and can lead to money being negotiated from the purchase price. This report identifies undetected building defects, helps clarify the severity of pre-existing issues and gives homebuyers greater peace of mind that nothing unexpected will arise soon after purchasing the property.

A building surveyor is also useful if you intend to extend the property or do refurbishment work to understand the condition of the building so that the proper cost planning can be done before work starts.

How long does building surveying take?

The average building survey takes 2-5 hours on site.

What does a building survey from RES include?

Using our building surveying services means that our clients benefit not only from our professionalism and extensive experience but also the full range of our high-tech applications which provide further detail to our reports which may not be achieved otherwise. 

As well as a fully-dictated report with photographic schedules attached, RES use thermal imaging photography, pole cameras, dew point analysis and state of the art damp meters. This allows us to give our clients the most well-rounded and exhaustive reports possible. 

As part of our professional surveying practices, our property surveyors also arrange a phone consultation with every client to discuss the report once it has been received. This allows you to raise any questions and concerns or ask for clarification on any of the notes provided by your surveyor.

Why choose RES Property Surveyors?

Our commercial and residential surveys go over and above the typical structure for RICS homebuyer reports so you can be sure that a survey completed by RES will provide you with the best level of detail on the property you are thinking of buying.

With years of experience between our specialists, our professional advice is accurate, trustworthy and to the point. We concentrate on the defects and issues in our reports to ensure they aren’t over descriptive and you can digest the important parts easily and concisely.

Where a leasehold property is being purchased we will also advise on management issues, major works and service charge levels from our knowledge of block management and leasehold case law and legislation.

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