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At RES Property Surveyors, we draw on our multi-disciplined team to provide strategic management services and help clients unlock value from their property or portfolio. We have extensive experience in London property investment management and we pride ourselves on sharing this expertise with our clients to support them in their investment endeavours.

With property advisory experience for both residential and commercial London investment property portfolios, the team at RES are well suited to support you whatever your objectives.

All business plans include regular hurdle points and fees are firmly linked to performance in order to fully de-risk clients’ management costs.

How is RES Property Investment Advice Structured?

RES investment management services begin with a high-level strategic property review to assess your current situation and identify ‘value add’ areas in your current portfolio.  Once key ‘value add’ areas are identified, a business plan is composed and a time horizon agreed. Our knowledge of the local and national property market ensures that this business plan maximises the value you can draw from your investments while still protecting your assets as much as possible.

What Services do RES Property Surveyors offer?

Our building surveying knowledge and professional advisory background allows us to benchmark current value before plotting ‘value add’ initiatives to realise additional investment worth.  Initiates are linked to clients’ relevant risk profiles and often involve the following:

  • acquisitions and disposals
  • lease renewals
  • income re-gearing
  • covenant profiling
  • marketing/void management
  • refurbishment
  • repositioning opportunities
  • fundamental redevelopment projects

Residential Property Investment

When choosing an investment property in London, professional guidance can be essential in identifying the most valuable opportunities. Whether you are an experienced investor or looking to start developing your portfolio, we use our extensive valuation knowledge to review your current situation, consider your goals and formulate a plan to best suit you.

Commercial Property Investment

Commercial investment property in London is a major asset and as such requires an in-depth understanding of the market to navigate effectively. The team at RES Property Surveyors have decades of experience in the commercial property sector. We use this experience to influence our understanding of the market and pass this knowledge on to you.

Why choose RES Property Investment Consultancy Services?

By choosing RES as your property investment consultants in London, you benefit from our multidisciplinary knowledge and strategic analysis of the market you are engaged in. London property is a constantly evolving asset so ensuring you have the best advisors available will put you in the best position to develop your portfolio, no matter what stage you are currently at.

London Investment Property Specialists

Our team of expert consultants are available to advise you on any residential or commercial property investment matters. Contact us today for more information.