Investment Management

RES Property Surveyors Ltd is able to draw on its multi-disciplined offer and provide strategic management services to help clients unlock value from their property or portfolio.

Our building surveying knowledge and professional advisory background allows us to benchmark current value before plotting ‘value add’ initiatives to realise additional investment worth.  Initiates are linked to clients’ relevant risk profiles and often involve the following:

  • acquisitions and disposals
  • lease renewals
  • income re-gearing
  • covenant profiling
  • marketing/void management
  • refurbishment
  • repositioning opportunities
  • fundamental redevelopment projects

RES Property Surveyors Ltd’s service begins with a high level strategic property review.  Once key ‘value add’ areas are identified, a business plan is composed and a time horizon agreed.

All business plans include regular hurdle points and fees are firmly linked to performance in order to fully de-risk clients’ management costs.