Licence to Alter Surveys


RES Property Surveyors Ltd has expertise in drafting reports for licence to alter documents.

It is usual for residential ground leases and commercial leases to require a tenant making structural alterations to notify the landlord or freeholder of its works and this is usually documented by way of a licence to alter which is drafted by a solicitor.

The surveyor’s role is to input into this document suggesting clauses, checking plans, checking contractors’ insurance, considering planning and building regulation documents and inspections prior, during and post works.

Where works impact the footprint of a building a building reinstatement costs assessment may be necessary and where external demises may be impacted by works a schedule of condition may be necessary to allow a record of damage occasioned by the works.

RES Property Surveyors Ltd also produce premium calculations where spaces are to be demised and the freeholder wishes to demise such spaces for a consideration. This commonly manifests itself with loft spaces and we have a defined methodology in valuing such spaces and have a niche in this field.