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RES Property Surveyors Ltd’s team of experienced professionals has amassed hundreds of hours of experience in court and tribunal cases. Our qualified professionals can provide Expert Witness reports and court representation, depending on the needs of your situation.

We act on behalf of claimants and defendants and are often appointed as Single Joint Experts in a range of situations where representation in court is required.

Areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise in property litigation include:

To enquire about any of these matters or to find out if we can help you with another issue, contact our highly experienced team today.

Expert Witness Report

An expert report is often compiled in compliance with the Civil Procedure Rules, namely Part 35. RES Property Surveyors have extensive knowledge and experience in drafting and defending such reports in a variety of disputes.

Receiving advice or a written report from an expert can sometimes avoid court and the subsequent costs. If you feel that your case can be resolved without being progressed to court, this will likely be the best option to resolve the dispute.

Expert Witness Representation

If the case is taken to court, our experts are able to use their vast, up-to-date knowledge of property proceedings to provide comprehensive, impartial advice and testimony on the situation. An expert in the relevant field of property processes will assess the situation and can provide expert statements in court and tribunal cases.

Property is a high-value asset so ensuring that you have comprehensive, trustworthy representation is essential to securing the right outcome. Whether the case is being processed in court or has been escalated to a tribunal, our professional team can confidently and accurately provide expert witness statements.

How can RES Property Surveyors help?

The team of RICS-qualified Chartered Surveyors and Valuers at RES have used their wealth of experience to provide expert witness statements and representation for clients in a variety of fields.

No matter what stage your case is at, our advice is consistent, accurate and informative, helping to resolve disputes or help courts make conclusive decisions.

Need an Expert Witness?

The team at RES Property Surveyors have expertise in a variety of property matters. For advice or representation, get in touch today.