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A schedule of condition is a survey undertaken to review the condition of a property, typically before a tenant takes a new lease or in before works are undertaken.. The survey identifies any pre-existing issues with the property and agrees to any potential repair work which might need to be completed.

Both the landlord and tenant can benefit from a schedule of condition, allowing both parties to protect themselves from liability for damage or from leaving the property in disrepair. Schedule of condition surveys are also useful in party wall matters to avoid excessive damage costs. Contact RES Property Surveyors Ltd to discuss your situation and arrange a schedule of condition or building survey.


What is a schedule of condition?

A schedule of condition is a detailed document produced by a qualified building surveyor which reviews the condition of the property. This is common for both residential and commercial leases and identifies existing issues with the property, as well as outlining repairing obligation of the landlord or tenant. A schedule of condition will include picture evidence and will be appended to the lease.

Schedules of condition are also used in situations of building work involving a party wall as this covers building owners for pre-existing defects and allows adjoining owners to understand what damage has been caused to their property by the building work.

What should a schedule of condition contain?

A schedule of condition should be a thorough document, setting out the location of every item/area inspected and its condition. The document will include a written schedule of each item with definitions, such as ‘slight’, ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’, and an accompanying photographic schedule for further details. The document will also contain details of any tests undertaken, as well as information about the date and conditions on which the survey took place.

When are schedules of condition carried out?

When taking out a lease on commercial property, it is common to include a schedule on the lease to protect the interests of both landlord and tenant so that the property is not returned in a worse condition than it started and that the parties understand the tenant’s liabilities in terms of repair work.

RES Property Surveyors is able to conduct a schedule of condition survey on a residential or commercial building at the start or end of a lease to ensure the interests of the landlord are protected and provide comprehensive evidence of the condition of the property. Preparing a schedule of condition before any building work takes place where party walls are concerned is essential to get an accurate picture of the property’s condition prior to the work starting.

What is a schedule of dilapidations?

Typically, tenants have a repairing liability as part of their lease which means they are obligated to maintain the property and sometimes make repairs during the lease. A schedule of dilapidations can be issued to a tenant to protect the assets of you as a landlord, identifying defects with the property and outlining the tenant’s liability to repair them or provide compensation at the end of the lease.

Learn more about dilapidations claims and schedules of dilapidations.

What can RES Property Surveyors do for me?

The team at RES Property Surveyors is made up of RICS-certified Chartered Surveyors with extensive experience of undertaking schedule of condition and building surveys for residential and commercial buildings. Where an independent expert is required to determine the condition of a property, whether at the start of a lease or before commencing building work, we are able to use our expertise to provide an in-depth report of the property.

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