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Contract administration from RES Property Surveyors ensures expert, comprehensive contract management for any job in the construction sector. Works we commonly take on are contract manager roles for major residential refurbishments for RTM companies, managing agents or private clients, as well as commercial refurbishment work.

Construction contract administration is essential for the smooth operation and delivery of projects by organising contractual agreements and the schedule of works between employers and contractors. Our decades’ worth of experience as RICS qualified chartered surveyors ensures risk assessment and management, compliance and time-keeping are prioritised throughout a project’s lifetime.

What is a Schedule of Works in construction?

A Schedule of Works lists the works required on a project and forms part of the contract documentation which will be used throughout the project’s progress. This schedule provides information on all items which will be required for the works and is typically used for pricing before works commence. The construction Schedule of Works provides bidders with the necessary information to price the work and can then be used by the employer to uphold this pricing as all major necessary items are accounted for at the beginning of the job.

What does a contract administrator do in construction?

In its most basic form, the role of a contract administrator is to oversee the contractual agreements between employers and contractors. Our experience in the construction industry ensures that we are able to manage all responsibilities involved in contract management for construction jobs of any size. We are able to advise on the S.20 process for residential freeholders or RTM companies, including the specifying of necessary works (Specification of Works), serving notices, running a tender and overseeing the works to completion in a project management function.

The contract administrators job officially begins when work commences but our services are available from planning the work to full completion. This ensures you receive accurate, responsible advice and representation at all times, enabling the project to run as smoothly as possible.

Why is contract administration important?

Using a contract administrator is important as management of the project on both the side of the employer and the contractor can be carried out with expertise and impartiality where necessary. The team at RES Property Surveyors are able to employ their knowledge of the building industry and their understanding of all forms of building contracts to maintain compliance, efficiency and organisation to your project.

Who is responsible for contract administration?

Contract administration typically fell to the architect when it was first introduced in 1987. However, now, building surveyors, quantity surveyors and engineers can also fulfil this role. The RES team includes RICS-certified Chartered Building Surveyors who are fully qualified to fulfil the role of contract administrator and have experience carrying out the necessary responsibilities for a range of building projects.

When should a Schedule of Works be used?

A building Schedule of Works should typically be used with a Standard Building Contract as the items on this type of schedule are listed as ‘items’ rather than ‘quantities’, making them best suited for smaller, simple projects. A Schedule of Works is used during the bidding period of a project, allowing bidders to accurately price the job before offering their bid.

Why choose RES Property Surveyors?

Our extensive experience in the construction industry is ideally suited to carrying out RICS contract administration responsibly and effectively. We are able to provide contract management for projects of all sizes, ensuring a high standard of efficiency and compliance is maintained by all parties during the entire project.

During any building project, there can be many pitfalls and the S.20 scheme can be considerably onerous for employers. The start to finish approach from RES Property Surveyors can alleviate the legal burden and time cost of essential major construction works. 

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