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RES Property Surveyors undertakes reinstatement cost assessments for both commercial and residential property.  We undertake such assessments for a variety of purposes and clients, however the main demand in this area is for insurance purposes. 

A fully RICS and indemnity backed certificate of assessment from our firm can be used to drive favourable insurance terms as well as taking the burden of liability from the freeholder and managing agent.

Our Qualifications

We are members of a number of leading property organisations. Our team is made up of highly qualified, highly experienced valuers and surveyors.

We are:

  • RICS Regulated
  • RICS Registered Valuers
  • Members of ALEP (Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners)
  • Experienced in the provision of insurance reinstatement costs as panel valuers for domestic and non-domestic lending institutions
  • Comprehensive Professional Indemnity experts


Why have an Assessment?

Reinstatement Cost Assessments are carried out for a number of reasons, these include: 

  • RICS Guidance Note ‘Reinstatement Cost Assessments of Buildings’ (Second Edition, 2011) suggests an assessment should be commissioned on a three year cycle;
  • Physical alterations or development of the building may result in the insured sum or a previous assessment being inaccurate;
  • Build costs are subject to fluctuations and inflation;
  • The Office for National Statistics’ ‘Construction Output Prices Index’ showed an increase of 2.70% y/y to September 2015; 8.00% compounded over a three year period.
  • It has been claimed that as many as 90% of residential buildings are either under or over insured;
  • Under insurance could mean that the full cost of reinstatement cannot be claimed and any claims may be pro-rated;
  • Over insuring will mean premiums are higher than necessary;
  • Many insurers will take-out an under-insured clause on a policy subject to an RICS backed reinstatement assessment.

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Liability for insuring a building (which will include an accurate insured sum) may fall on the following:

  • RTM Directors;
  • Freeholders;
  • Property Managers.
  • An accurate and up-to–date assessment may be sufficient to discharge liability in respect of a claim in negligence. 

Why choose RES Property Surveyors?

By choosing RES Property Surveyors for your Reinstatement Cost Assessment needs, we can support you by providing:


  • A re-basing of the reinstatement cost at the end of the first year so that the benefits of an up-to-date assessment are maintained.
  • Our extensive knowledge base supported by years of experience valuing and costing residential and mixed-use developments for banks and developers.

Professional Property Advice & Support

Discuss your Reinstatement Cost Assessment needs with our experienced team for comprehensive support and expert guidance.